Elysha’s 2nd Birthday

Elysha, is already 2. How time flies! I remember her coming home resting on my arms at barely 2kg. The nights where we have lack of sleep is improving.

Elysha-Part2-22Elysha, through this 2 years, I learnt that you love pink, Kitty Kat and spiderman(not sure why). Your favourite food are noodles, soup, prawn and egg. Your favourite videos are Mother Goose Club, Barney, Upin dan Ipin. You have many favourite songs but these are a few – twinkle twinkle little star, incy wincy spider, the wheels on the bus, Do you want to build a snowman?

When you go into the pool, you will never want to get out from there. Papa can’t wait to teach you to swim properly.

I love the way how your little hands reaches for mine when Barney sang “I love you”, how you gave me a hug and a kiss on my lips as the song went on. I love how you give thanks during mealtimes saying “Dear Jesus, make us strong and HEALTHY!” I love how you move with the groove when songs are played, you sometimes dance silly like your MaMa. You are never too shy to be on stage and when you are on stage, you stole the show. But remember, always do it for the glory of God as you grow up and serve God be it on stage or at the background.

At barely 2, you can sing the whole song twinkle twinkle little star, remember song lyrics faster than I can do. Not sure why you love music so much, but Papa suspect it’s because this is something what God wants you to have. Papa love it when sometimes you replaces the song lyrics with your own made-up lyrics. Love how you sometimes burst into singing on your own randomly. You always put a smile on our faces after a long day at work, do you know that?

Even though you were one of the youngest one in play-group, Papa heard news on how you exhibit leadership traits only at 24 months.


You call me “PaPa” most probably because you think that calling daddy is too conventional at this time even though you are able to call me “daddy” at times. You have the character of your own, don’t you know that? A very strong one indeed. I hope that you can use this as your strength to grow in life. Mama and Papa want you to know that you must never let anyone tell you that you are lesser than what you are. Never ever feel inadequate, because you are special and gifted. Many people told us you are special and gifted, and truly indeed!

Elysha-Part1-46  Elysha-Part1-47

Hope this post is still around when you grew up and are able to read and understand.

Also remember that you have this extended family and many more in Agape who also love you!
Also remember that you have this extended family and many more in Agape who also love you!

Papa, Mama, PekPek and Ah Ma loves you very much. Happy Birthday!



David’s 2nd Birthday

David was born 1 day before Elysha. Today, he celebrated his birthday a week earlier at home with friends and loved ones. The theme was Bob the Builder. A perfect theme for a little guy like him. Good-looking, smart, and a unique character of his own.

I brought along my camera to capture some moments for him. This is the first birthday party. There will be another one which will combine with Elysha on the 5th of October after church service.



We can see that mommy and daddy has put in a lot of effort to get the decoration up and party pack ready to be given out after the party later.

I believe it’s a carrot cake with fondant icing. As you can see, the theme remains consistent throughout the decoration, cake and to the door gifts.



This is the first time I saw an infographic made for a 2-year-old(well almost 2) coz technically his birthday is in a few days’ time.



Natalie, David’s sister came running to me excitedly to show me her Princess Elsa’s dress. Natalie is always very protective over her little brother. She makes a good big sister to her younger brother.


Abigail is sweet enough to pose just 1 shot for me to snap.
Grandma was taking photos of her kids and grandkids.

david2yrs-54 david2yrs-59


Family Photo
Family Photo





That's my door gift. An eraser in the form of pliers.
That’s my door gift. An eraser in the form of pliers.

theqguides.com launch @ TwentyOne Kitchen & Bar

Finally, the long-awaited moment has arrived. It was the launch of http://www.theqguides.com and the book – “Best Eats”. Theqguides.com is a food web portal where you can do online reservation and then be rewarded by cash vouchers through accumulation of points. The more you use the system, the more points you are going to get. You just need to get the points by reviewing the restaurant which you have visited at your Qguides’ account. Yes, you would need to register first in order to enjoy the benefit. I have already earned 1500 points and waiting to redeem my cash vouchers of RM30(700 points) to go to La Bodega.

Best Eats is a food directory for the places to hit when you are starving. It features from the cheap good food to the very classy restaurants around Klang Valley. Personal favourite from the book is the Seremban Favourite Char Siew as well as Pan Heong Freshwater Prawn and Cristang Pork Burger. Retail price is only RM23.00. It is available in your local bookstores. Or you can contact me if you want a copy.

So, below were some snapshots of the People in the Party. Congratulations to Jek, Fay and Lisa to the launching of our very own local Online Restaurants Reservation in the Klang Valley. May your business continue to grow!


The face behind theqguides.com
The faces behind theqguides.com
The sponsors - Carlsberg, British American Tobacco, Twenty One Kitchen & Bar
The sponsors - Carlsberg, Twenty One Kitchen & Bar
Integricitizens and Guests of the night
Integricitizens and Guests of the night


More faces at the Launch
More faces at the Launch
Tonight's gonna be a good good night...
Tonight's gonna be a good good night...
One big family
One big family