Elysha’s 2nd Birthday

Elysha, is already 2. How time flies! I remember her coming home resting on my arms at barely 2kg. The nights where we have lack of sleep is improving.

Elysha-Part2-22Elysha, through this 2 years, I learnt that you love pink, Kitty Kat and spiderman(not sure why). Your favourite food are noodles, soup, prawn and egg. Your favourite videos are Mother Goose Club, Barney, Upin dan Ipin. You have many favourite songs but these are a few – twinkle twinkle little star, incy wincy spider, the wheels on the bus, Do you want to build a snowman?

When you go into the pool, you will never want to get out from there. Papa can’t wait to teach you to swim properly.

I love the way how your little hands reaches for mine when Barney sang “I love you”, how you gave me a hug and a kiss on my lips as the song went on. I love how you give thanks during mealtimes saying “Dear Jesus, make us strong and HEALTHY!” I love how you move with the groove when songs are played, you sometimes dance silly like your MaMa. You are never too shy to be on stage and when you are on stage, you stole the show. But remember, always do it for the glory of God as you grow up and serve God be it on stage or at the background.

At barely 2, you can sing the whole song twinkle twinkle little star, remember song lyrics faster than I can do. Not sure why you love music so much, but Papa suspect it’s because this is something what God wants you to have. Papa love it when sometimes you replaces the song lyrics with your own made-up lyrics. Love how you sometimes burst into singing on your own randomly. You always put a smile on our faces after a long day at work, do you know that?

Even though you were one of the youngest one in play-group, Papa heard news on how you exhibit leadership traits only at 24 months.


You call me “PaPa” most probably because you think that calling daddy is too conventional at this time even though you are able to call me “daddy” at times. You have the character of your own, don’t you know that? A very strong one indeed. I hope that you can use this as your strength to grow in life. Mama and Papa want you to know that you must never let anyone tell you that you are lesser than what you are. Never ever feel inadequate, because you are special and gifted. Many people told us you are special and gifted, and truly indeed!

Elysha-Part1-46  Elysha-Part1-47

Hope this post is still around when you grew up and are able to read and understand.

Also remember that you have this extended family and many more in Agape who also love you!
Also remember that you have this extended family and many more in Agape who also love you!

Papa, Mama, PekPek and Ah Ma loves you very much. Happy Birthday!



David’s 2nd Birthday

David was born 1 day before Elysha. Today, he celebrated his birthday a week earlier at home with friends and loved ones. The theme was Bob the Builder. A perfect theme for a little guy like him. Good-looking, smart, and a unique character of his own.

I brought along my camera to capture some moments for him. This is the first birthday party. There will be another one which will combine with Elysha on the 5th of October after church service.



We can see that mommy and daddy has put in a lot of effort to get the decoration up and party pack ready to be given out after the party later.

I believe it’s a carrot cake with fondant icing. As you can see, the theme remains consistent throughout the decoration, cake and to the door gifts.



This is the first time I saw an infographic made for a 2-year-old(well almost 2) coz technically his birthday is in a few days’ time.



Natalie, David’s sister came running to me excitedly to show me her Princess Elsa’s dress. Natalie is always very protective over her little brother. She makes a good big sister to her younger brother.


Abigail is sweet enough to pose just 1 shot for me to snap.
Grandma was taking photos of her kids and grandkids.

david2yrs-54 david2yrs-59


Family Photo
Family Photo





That's my door gift. An eraser in the form of pliers.
That’s my door gift. An eraser in the form of pliers.

Farewell Integricity

Today marks the very last day of my very long exciting journey with a family called Integricity. 7 years with the company brought me to learn a lot of things, growth(physically as well) and making good friends with lots of awesome people who came in and out of Integricity.


I remembered many years ago while we were still in a terrace house office, I introduced an activity called “Encouragement Notes”, and what is more proper than to end with one Electronically. I will not be able to address each and everyone of you but here you go in no particular order:-

Sarah Lam
You were the first person who taught me how to register a domain name, respond to support tickets. I grew to be the guy who managed the entire Domain Division in Integricity at one point. You were one of the only people who never fail to remember my birthday and gave me treats along the years. I have found a friend in you despite us being separated through Interactive and Technology division.

My love for photography as a hobby was truly inspired by your very first lesson on rules of 3rd and depths of field, etc. I was only holding a pink Canon Ixus point and shoot but was immediately amazed by what I can do in a photograph with proper composition. Thanks, Grace.

You are a visionary and entrepreneur at heart. I must say I won’t be where I am today without you giving me these opportunities to start from just a level 1 support guy to a Managing Director and a Partner in the Technology division. There’s laughter, there’s joy, while there’s also tears and heartaches in our working relationship but I am glad they happened to make us better and stronger men. Thanks for making my self-made videos not shaky anymore through the gift of a monopod. Business partnership can end, for the better or for the worse, but “A friend loveth at all times” that’s what we have now and through eternity. Thanks for using your skills and talents for the Lord in the Bible and mission ministry as well as church context. I am blessed to have such a boss who have journeyed through my career with me closely and also in the lives of other employees.

Melissa Lai
A person who is meticulous and gets all the job done at the background. Thanks for supporting me in that way. I love your style, strong but delicate. Keep on the passion burning for the word of God for truly that will last forever. Thanks for contributing while I was studying for PTC exams. I have enjoyed it, hope you too bear the same feeling.

Mun Tzin
In such a short time that we know each other, but you have turned out to be one of the colleagues whom I talked to most. I enjoy listening to the stories you told me about what you encountered during you job.  I wish you nothing but great success in Milestones. Thanks for cracking your head in getting out the figures for FatNinjas to have intelligence in make wise decisions. You’ve been a good friend and colleague.

What is partnership without fighting and disagreements? I do not regret having to constantly wrestle with you in the way we run the company, for only that will make the company grow to the next level. I really enjoy the days where we meet customers together and we were such a formidable tag-team. I find that we are the strongest when we are one in business together. Many battles have been won when we worked together. Your randomness and sometimes silly behaviour brought a lot of laughter in my life and I would never forget those moments. Just remember, don’t ask for the Street Lamp to be turned off before you sleep when you are half-drunk, because I can’t do that. LOL. Love you brother.

It’s a joy working with you. You have been a dependable and reliable team leader to me. I know I can always count on you. I wish you, your wife and you baby the best in all your future undertakings. Keep making customers feel that they are the most important people in the world at all times when you service them. It should be very hard to go wrong.

You have so much potential in you. Customers love you when you support them. You have the strength in R&D. Keep steady, don’t waver, press on no matter how hard it is. My hope is to see life treating you the best at all times. Thanks for being a great help in FatNinjas and always introducing new technologies which help solving customer’s issues.

Vijay, Abu & Loghan
I enjoy your company in the office. You guys can be said “fairly” new(not too new for Abu) but you guys make a great team in FatServers. Keep learning new things everyday, that’s when you will grow tremendously.

 You were the one who introduced me to Krispy Kreme many years ago when you first came back from UK during the 36 days. That was the first time we met. Though I did not really work directly under you, you have always been a sensible and cool guy as a boss. I am happy to see that you are starting to see the fruits of your labour in VLT. I pray for success in all your endeavours in continuing to make VLT a great agency.

WeiMing (Sifu)
So much inspiration comes from you when editing photos and videos. You have never stinge in sharing your knowledge to me and help me to be a better photographer and videographer, be it editing or shooting them. Thanks, my friend. Your photos nowadays are amazing compared to what you showed me last time, there has been so much improvement. Keep flaming your passion.

Thanks for always being jolly and happy around people. You sure rub it on to them. Keep serving the Lord.

I always find you are a quiet girl but when I get to know you better you can surely chat. A very friendly person and you never fail to give a smile whenever I visit you guys in Stories.

Thanks for always being ever so willing to help me out in the NDST last time when I needed help for the report.  It’s good to see you buying a new house and a place you can call your sanctuary. =)

Ser Young
I’ll see you in church lah! Thank for teaching me not to use Comic Sans and Times New Roman. =)

Guess I don’t have enough time to learn PHP lol. Thanks for your friendship and chor dai dee sessions. 

Eugene Lim
You have always been like a big brother to me. I dunno why but that’s how I feel whenever I am with you. Tough from the outside but have a soft spot for people inside.

Makan Geng (Joann, Zahir, Adrian)
Thanks for introducing me with inexpensive food. I love the fellowship whenever joining you guys for lunch. Zahir, keep baking! hehe.

Christine Ong
You are such a caring person. Keep the fire burning for our Lord!

Stay cute! =P 

Love your baby potraits! Enjoyed your friendship. =)

I enjoyed the conversations that we have whenever chance allow. Thanks for giving me a fresh perspective about marketing and ever so willing to advise me on marketing matters in FatNinjas.

Durian queen. You are such a funny girl do you know that? But sometimes can be so serious until I don’t dare to talk to you. Haha. Thanks for your friendship. =)

Stay who you are, do not let anything change you to be someone you are not. =) You are such a hardworking girl and take your job seriously.

Thanks for your warmth even though you are new here. You too are an approachable person. Keep the creative juice flowing for Integricity.

To those I have missed, I am so sorry. But I just wanna thank each and everyone of you from the bottom of my heart who having a part in my life in this Family.

God bless, this isn’t goodbye! =)

Till then. Signing off,

Mr. Cheong.

How do we worship God in Spirit and in Truth.

The concept worshipping God in Spirit and Truth was introduced by Jesus in John 4 where he met the Samaritan woman at the well. There, Jesus struck a conversation with the Samaritan woman and a few topics came up. Firstly, it was about Jesus claiming that he is the living water where no one will thirst again if they drink water given by him.

You can see the biblical context of living water in Psalm 42:1 about our souls pants for God like how the deer pants for water and that our souls thrist for the living God. We can also see the biblical context of living water in Zechariah 13:1 about a fountain being opened to clean people from their sin and impurity. Jesus is referring himself as this living water, this fountain that will flow and make the Jews and Gentiles alike to be atoned if only they were to ask Him.

The second topic discussed was the woman’s affair with many men. It signifies the sinful life of the Samaritan was brought into the spotlight during that conversation by Jesus. If the woman would just believe that He is the living water, that Jesus can make her thirst no longer, she will be saved.

The woman tried changing the subject by talking about subject on worship where Jesus responded that there will come a time when true worshippers will neither worship God in Jerusalem or on the mountain but they will worship in Spirit and Truth. Jesus emphasized again that salvation is from the Jews which points back to Genesis 12:3 that through the Jews, other nations will be blessed. Through the Jews, comes Jesus and He will be the Savior not only to Jerusalem and Judea, but to Samaria and to the ends of the earth.

We can see that in order to be true worshippers, one must believe that Jesus is the Living Water who will clean our sins once and for all. We will not “thirst” again spiritually. That is the prerequisite of a True Worshipper in order to worship in Spirit and in Truth.


Not only Jesus said that he is the Living Water, He also proclaimed himself as the truth in John 14:6 – I am the way, the TRUTH and the life. Since Jesus is the TRUTH, He must also be the WORD because it is described in John 1. Here we can see Jesus = Truth = Word = The Living Water = Salvation of the world by dying on the cross as a sacrificial lamb for the atonement of our sins.

In order to worship God in truth, in summary, we must worship God in Jesus.  We must understand the theology of truth as plainly shown to men in scriptures not creating our own theology on worshipping God. The only term of an acceptable worship which is pleasing to God is through Jesus Christ and that is the TRUTH.


Jesus explained that God is spirit. In biblical context, we can see that in Gen 1:1-2 about the Spirit of God hovering over the waters. Matthew 3:16 suggest the Spirit of God descending like a dove after Jesus was baptized.
When God is spirit, it implies that God can be worshipped everywhere and will not to be bound by geological barriers. He is everywhere and can be worshipped at any time and any place. The Holy Spirit is at work as well as he will help us to pray when we do not know how to (Gal 4:6 and Romans 8:26 – Likewise the Spirit helps us in our weakness. For we do not know what to pray for as we ought, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groanings too deep for words.)

Therefore, worshipping God in spirit and in truth addresses not the where or the method we worship but rather the attitude we have when we worship. The Israelites was doing everything right in terms of sacrificial procedure but God said in Isaiah 29:1 – “The people come near to me with their mouth and honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me. Their worship of me is made up only of rules taught by men”. The Pharisees and teachers of the law did everything that was commanded by the Torah in fact, they intensified their rituals, but Jesus called them “brood of vipers”.

Without knowing the truth of what Christ has done for us on the cross of calvary, we will never be able to worship God in truth as we will form our own doctrines and theologies of God in our own finite mind like what described in Romans 1:18 – 25. Hence, in order to know the truth, we need to search the scriptures diligently and more importantly to have a genuine relationship with God in our daily lives because worship does not happen and confined only on a Sunday in church if we want to worship in Spirit and Truth.

Worship should not be dependent on human emotions or hype without having a proper theology to guard us. In short, we ought to worship the RIGHT GOD and with the RIGHT APPROACH.

THE RIGHT GOD and the RIGHT APPROACH – Romans 12:1

When Jesus came and died for our sins once and for all, the way we approached and worship God was radically changed. We no longer need to sacrifice bulls and goats to appease as what have happened in the OT sacrificial system.

So, how do we worship now? In Romans, Paul tells us that our spiritual act of worship is the way we live our lives. We ought to live a life that is holy and pleasing to God, that is our living sacrifices offered to God.

It is no longer what we do in front of others when we worship God, but rather what is done closed doors. The things we done closed doors in our private lives will be our gauged on how we fair in worshipping God with our daily lives. Our very thoughts and motives in our hearts were challenged by Jesus when He taught his disciples that “we have committed adultery when we looked at a women lustfully” or “we have murdered our brethren when we hated them”.(Matthew 5: 21, 28)

Having said that, it does not mean that we need not come to church any longer. Paul encourages us not to give up meeting each other. What is more important here is that we must be careful not to be like the Israelites who were practicing a ritual given by God with the wrong understanding of it’s significance. Same like us, the Lord’s supper is instituted by Jesus and given to us to remember Him. But if we come to church every Sunday without understanding the significance of it, then we are just like the Israelites doing a ritual and forgetting what matters most to God.